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a more natural, silent and high efficiency movement.

AXXER (AXial Elements Rotation) is an innovative system of counterposed pistons that revoluzionized traditional mechanics:  a two-head single piston concept.  AXXER is the only piston mechanism in the world conceptually designed and produced for oil-free operation, that is, without lubricating oil.  As such, it affords GENTILIN products to exhibit unique features:

  • Low temperature operation
  • Greatly reduced maintenance
  • An additional 20% efficiency
  • A 10% energy consumption use
  • Lower noise levels
  • Perfect ignition timing, as well as powerful and constant air flow
  • 5.000 hours of continuous operation

The AXXER single piston with two heads slides axially inside aluminum cylinders that are coated with OXYD ceramic, thereby drastically reducing lateral thrusts and subsequent wear-and-tear.  There is no other such solution that guarantees low stress load for the motor, strong and constant air flow as pressure increases, and low-voltage starts.

These advantages translate into an enduring compressor and a greatly reduced need for maintenance. The oil-free GENTILIN compressors with AXXER technology have no equals in the market: efficient, reliable, low-noise, constant air flow, and suitable for intensive use.




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