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About Us

At the center of excellence

Gentilin Air Compressors was founded 40 years ago in Trissino (Vicenza - Italy), a region particularly known in Europe and throughout the world for its superior standards in mechatronics. In just a few years, the company became the region’s benchmark of excellence for the manufacturing, development and distribution of compressed air tools. The company is proud to distinguish itself for the quality of its production, which is the outcome of intense and ongoing technological breakthroughs carried out by its very own R&D resources. Experience, specialization and a pinch of Italian ingenuity are the ingredients that have taken Gentilin Air Compressors products well beyond the top of every product category – they have made these products one-of-akind! Having secured over the years a series of international patents, Gentilin-branded products possess features that are mechanically unique, and that decisively puts them in a class of its own for efficiency, longevity and low-noise operation.

Service is not optional

From concept design to product delivery. From Italy to the world. The mission of Gentilin Air Compressors does not stop with its commitment to innovation and the resulting final product. A fundamental aspect of its philosophy is to assist customers and end users with their every need. For this reason the company boasts a robust team of technical, logistical and product support specialists capable of adapting its products and services to the specific requirements of each client. At Gentilin Air Compressors a crucial approach to after-sales service is that the customer will never need adapt to the supplier. It is in this spirit that the company has become established in Europe, United States, Latin America and Asia, and has created a network of over 100 distributor> with an extensive domestic and international reach.



Our engineers use the latest technologies to design, develop and market the unique products that make GENTILIN COMPRESSORS a success. The R&D department has always been a focal point in GENTILIN COMPRESSORS, where cutting-edge ideas are initially conceptualized and later brought to pass.


GENTILIN COMPRESSORS has decades of experience in the production of oil-free air compressors. The products offered to its clients have been expansively tested and used for thousands of the most demanding applications in various sectors throughout the world.



All process, from production to worldwide distribution of the products, undergo a systematic quality control process to guarantee the utmost performance.  Attention to details is what has made GENTILIN COMPRESSORS products unique, reliable and internationally recognized.


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