a more natural, silent and high efficiency movement.

AXXER (AXial Elements Rotation) is an innovative system of counterposed pistons that revolutionizes traditional mechanics: a two-head single piston concept.

AXXER is the only piston mechanism in the world conceptually designed and produced for dry operation, that is, without lubricating oil. As such, it affords GENTILIN COMPRESSORS products to exhibit unique features...MORE


Quality is not unique just to Gentilin’s product line, but rather to the entire organization, particularly in its Customer Care and After-Sales functions. Gentilin’s quality is “Total Quality,” and that means maximum care that goes beyond the products that come out of the assembly line. R&D, logistics, interaction with customers and a meticulous After-Sales Service. The ultimate objective of Gentilin exceeds the idea of closing a sale – rather, it’s total customer satisfaction.





OEM and Customized Solutions

We at GENTILIN know that the diverse applications in which compressed air is involved leads often to singular, precise needs/requirements of customization. This is why we put our experienced R&D team at full disposal of our customers. Our egnieers will evaluate your applications peculiar needs and be ready to find smart and functional solutions, to solve any of your critical issues.MORE


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